What’s Done in the Dark:
Affair-Proofing and Recovery from Infidelity
A Self-Help Guide for Couples

Affair-Proofing and Recovery from Infidelity
– A Self-Help Guide for Couples

D. Charles Williams, Ph.D.

book-whats-done-in-the-darkWhat’s Done in the Dark is a book about

• How to prevent affairs within a marriage, and

• How to treat infidelity once marital unfaithfulness has occurred

Couples can affair-proof their marriage and cultivate mutual trust between each other by practicing some basic principles of open communication, a “no secrets policy”, resolving conflict quickly and identifying mutual boundaries that preserve the exclusivity of their relationship. In addition, marriages are strengthened by sharing similar values, deepening emotional intimacy, and maintaining a playful, healthy sex life.

Marital infidelity inflicts severe damage upon a marriage relationship and untold trauma upon the betrayed spouse. The lies, deceit, secrets, cheating and double life of the unfaithful spouse destroy the trust that once existed. When discovered, the adultery often results in separation or divorce because of the betrayal and disloyalty of the cheating husband or unfaithful wife.

Surviving infidelity is possible. Marriages can rebuild after unfaithfulness and betrayal have occurred. Recovery from an affair many times results in a relationship that is stronger and more faithful than ever before. Couples who seek treatment for the infidelity are generally more successful in the long run than those who do not.

What’s Done in the Dark is a self-help guide for couples to begin healing the damage done by infidelity whether it is emotional or sexual,and get beyond the betrayal. It includes a step by step guide to navigating through the difficult process of restoring a healthy marriage.


Affair-Proof Your Marriage

  • Practice 5 principles that insure faithfulness
  • Win 3 personal battles within
  • Mature into a Marriage Mindset
  • Keep your marriage from becoming marginal
  • Improve your marriage by deepening your faith
  • Add the 4 “A’s” of Intimacy
  • Rejuvenate your love life

Recover from Infidelity

  • Identify 28 reasons why infidelity occurs
  • Understand the proposed 5 new diagnostic categories of affairs
  • Recognize which of the 28 types of affairs has occurred
  • Reset healthy boundaries in your marriage with the New Marital Boundaries Test
  • Utilize the 4 Stage, 12 Action-Step treatment process for recovery from infidelity
  • Access the 50 exercises for couples to heal and strengthen their marital relationship
  • Approach infidelity from a Christian perspective

 “….a must read for all premarital and young married couples!”
 -from KLW, a parent who read the book.